Rescue Team: Danger from Outer Space Collector’s Edition

Prevent a danger from space from spreading havoc on Earth!
Danger from Outer Space CE Rescue Team

Prevent a danger from space from spreading havoc on Earth! Weird plants start to grow and wipe out entire cities as a meteor impacts Florida and releases unusual spores! Even worse, the meteorite fragments are releasing an unusual kind of radiation that renders individuals unconscious! This extraterrestrial threat can only be defeated by the Rescue Team! As the crew deals with the fallout from the meteor's impact, you serve as its captain. You'll save terrified animals, free stranded citizens, and apprehend dishonest crooks as you reconstruct communities. Not to mention, you'll enlist an old enemy who knows how to create a radiation antidote! But not even this genius will be able to stop humanity from becoming entangled in extraterrestrial creepers in the future. It will be up to you and your group to decide that, as you work against the time to clear obstacles, gather supplies, and finish exciting objectives! Friendly E.T. is not the meteorite. As compared to kudzu, the vines are more damaging. Before it's too late, can you avert this threat from the furthest depths of space?



Collector's Edition Features :

- Bonus chapter with 15 levels
- Downloadable original soundtrack
- Step-by-step walkthrough
- Awesome bonuses and cool achievements
- Relaxed, Easy, and Hard game modes
- Simple point-and-click controls

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