Rescue Team 16: Clouded Mind Collector’s Edition

A cult threatens humanity's safety - Can you stop them with Rescue Team 16 - Clouded Mind Collector's Edition

The influence of a sinister cult is being spread, presenting a new threat to the planet. Free will is being rejected by people who begin to obey the cult's dictates. With reports pouring in from around the world, humanity once again finds itself reliant on the efforts of the Rescue Team to save them!

Driven by urgent broadcasts and pleas for assistance, the Rescue Team must be aided in navigating through scenarios of destruction and life-threatening situations. Additionally, leads must be tracked down and analysed to uncover the perpetrators behind this nefarious scheme.



  • A bonus chapter is included, featuring 15 additional levels and a step-by-step guide.
  • Enjoyable downloadable content awaits.
  • Stunning desktop backgrounds to immerse yourself in.
  • Take charge of the investigation and compile a collection of photographs.
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