Path of Sin – Greed – Collector’s Edition

Can you guess what the assassin will do next?
and finish the murder case on schedule?

Arriving at the scene, a young millionaire who owns an opulent island in the midst of the ocean, is a seasoned copartner and rookie inspector on their first assignment. The owner wants the situation resolved as quietly as possible. In this instance, the question seems straightforward enough: was the security guard's death a suicide attempt or perhaps a tragic fall? The Bradford family, who live on the island, first come out as kind, beyond reproach, and even shocked by the passing of a good-natured employee. However, it becomes evident from a closer look that they have deep-seated grudges and ulterior intentions. The situation grows increasingly convoluted and ambiguous the more you learn about this remote island and the dysfunctional family dynamics there. An apparently ordinary case devolves into a story of avaricious schemes, and a suicide inquiry uncovers several homicides. Is anyone not guilty? Can you guess what the assassin will do next?





- Take in more than 39 enigmatic locales!
- 36 puzzles featuring hidden objects and riddles to test your skills!
- Learn more about the mysterious family members!
- Acquire 16 difficult accomplishments!
- Locate 28 collectible items!
- Extra riddles and obstacles included in the collector's edition

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