Paranormal Files: Counterpart Collector’s Edition

Can you find Rick Rogers in an alternate timeline with Paranormal Files: Counterpart Collector's Edition

Prepare to be captivated by yet another thrilling chapter in the Paranormal Files series!

The search for your missing friend has already led you through peculiar places, and now a journey into a new reality awaits. The investigation will be focused on uncovering the timeframe from which Rick Rogers emerged, following the discovery of his alternate self in the last assignment. However, it soon becomes clear that his house holds dangers far greater than anticipated. As you navigate this alien environment, with otherworldly beings shadowing your every move and authorities on the lookout for those with paranormal powers, the question remains: Can you and your friends survive and escape in time? Dive into this electrifying Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure to find out!


Collector’s Edition Features

  • Loved ones can be revived in the bonus game!
  • Favorite mini-games and HOPs can be replayed to earn rewards!
  • Every puzzle piece can be found and assembled!
  • Unique wallpapers, screensavers, music, collectibles, and more can be enjoyed!
  • The strategy guide ensures you never lose your way!
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