Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector’s Edition

The Shade is not alone in his quest for vengeance as he returns.

Play a hidden-object puzzle game with Fiona, a young girl born with magic, as she battles evil creatures. Our reality is veiled in a mysterious realm that only you can perceive! Can you prevent the Shade and his henchmen from bringing darkness upon our planet?


Locate mystical relics that will permanently halt the Shade with the aid of Fiona's teacher, Ms. Thomas. Explore amazing sceneries and solve challenging riddles. Select your own route and the place you want to go first. In Otherworld: Omens of Summer, pit your cunning against evil. There is mature content in this game that may not be appropriate for all viewers.





-Bonus gameplay

-Mini-game replayability

-Difficult to achieve

-A wise strategy manual

- Concept art and wall paper

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