Myths of Orion: Light From the North

Assist in taking down a magician who is determined to ruin a tranquil country!

An influential yet avaricious magician gathered information from all around the world long ago in the Realm of Orion. Consequently, the three Books - the Books of Knowledge, Law, and Magic were written by this wizard. These texts gave him superhuman abilities. But rather than putting these abilities to good use, he turned them to mayhem! The powerful sorceress Salina mustered all of her bravery and strength one day and took the Books away from the Wizard. She stole the Books under the cover of darkness and fled far, far away to the North, to her sister Ariel's home at the extremity of the world, with her infant daughter, Meredith. She hoped that they wouldn't be discovered there by the Wizard. And for many years he didn't until that fateful day.




-Discover the three distinct Kingdoms of Orion
-Find solutions to hundreds of quests and dozens of minigames
-Achieve goals and uncover special items
-Extensive customization of your gameplay experience

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