Mystical Riddles: Ship From Beyond Collector’s Edition

Go on a journey and go on an amazing adventure!
with Mysterious Clues: Spacecraft From Beyond CE

The same team that brought you Mystical Riddles: Behind Doll Eyes is back with an intriguing sequel, Mystical Riddles: Ship From Beyond! A tiny coastal hamlet calls for help but is covered in a heavy blanket of fog when you arrive. People here say they have seen a mysterious medieval ship cruising through the mist, and your investigation turns up information about an old, sinister legend that seems to have come back to this otherwise peaceful town. To save the terrified citizens of the town from impending tragedy, you must follow the clues, and unravel the mystery. You'll have to lift the curse, find the last surviving ancestor of the monsters who formerly inhabited the island, and rid the neighborhood of a long-forgotten evil! Join us on a fantastic voyage through the depths of this hidden-object game!



- Call forth a crafty old beast in the special bonus chapter!

- Discover the creative process through this incredible assortment of concept art!

- Play through all of your preferred sequences, hidden object situations, and in-game minigames!

- Try to fully immerse yourself in the experience by using the supplied wallpapers and extra audio player!

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