Mystery Tales: Art and Souls Collector’s Edition

Will you be able to quickly rescue your pals from the Painted World?
In Souls and Art in Mystery Tales CE

The newest book in the Mystery Tales series brings art to life! An art gallery has been opened by an old friend and her spouse! Her husband stated that a mystical brush was responsible for the success of their debut exhibition. But when he disappears, what at first appears to be an exaggeration swiftly takes a dangerous turn! When you run to her rescue, she vanishes too! You are the only one who can save your companions from the dark masterpiece that an elderly artist hasn't quite finished. Will you be able to leave the Painted World in time, or will you be a part of it forever? Discover in this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle journey! In the bonus game, look into a mysterious haunting at an art gallery!





- Decorate your study and relive your favorite minigames!

- Find a ton of morphing objects and collectible postcards!

- Take advantage of special films, music, concept art, wallpapers, and more!
- Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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