Moai: Build Your Dream

Build Your Dream, Moai, and bring a destroyed island back to its former splendor!

In Moai: Build Your Dream, explore the delights of an undiscovered island and assist the locals in restoring their devastated land to its former splendor! As you lead the hero and a native princess on their adventure, you'll have to overcome the wrath of an erupting volcano, legions of charging ghosts, and the prospect of running out of resources. Draw from the dirt the resources you require to survive and reestablish settlements. Find the fastest way to complete your duties to get several achievements that are worthy of being proud of. Discover how to protect your employees as they carry out the duties you give them by using formidable Moai sculptures. Enjoy the vibrant artwork, realistic character movements, and captivating comic book-style narrative breaks there will never be a dull moment! Moai: Build Your Dream is an engaging game that can be played for hours on end because of its easy controls, 64 exciting missions, and flexible play schedule.





- 64 levels

- Four places

- More than 50 distinct accomplishments

- Cutscenes in the style of comic books

- An in-depth guide

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120 MB

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