Ms. Holmes: The Adventure of the McKirk Ritual CE

Can you assist Ms.
Holmes in identifying the haunting person at the McKirk estate?

Try your detective skills in the newest Ms. Holmes adventure! Hi Sharlotte Holmes, happy return! New situations, some riskier than others, arise as notoriety rises. Mallory McKirk needs your help because she believes that a ghostly woman is haunting the McKirk residence. However, this is not your typical ghost story. This ghostly figure is a diamond thief who seems to be trying to right historical wrongs. However, what secrets does the estate keep hidden, and who is responsible for the riskier interactions with the unknown? It's up to you to solve this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle to find out the truth! The bonus chapter offers you the chance to go on an exciting new journey into London's criminal underground. As you complete HOPs and mini-games and unlock achievements, you'll go from a magnificent mansion to the Thames riverfront to a quaint boarding house! There are tons of puzzle pieces and collectibles to be found! Take advantage of special wallpapers and more! Use the strategy guide to never get lost!

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