Medieval Defenders

Protect your family's castle and reveal your true identity to the intruder!

Protect your family's castle and make it clear to the intruder who is in charge! Build towers, put money aside, practice spells and your enemy will be destroyed. The Middle Ages were a terrible period. Every neighbor desires to take over the property you are legally entitled to. Keep your adversaries from believing that you are less powerful than they are! Protect your stronghold from the attacks of your neighboring warlike groups! You possess money, powerful spells, cannon towers, and the ability to think strategically for yourself! There are 12 distinct kinds of towers and buildings, 40 levels of varying difficulty, and special units. The fight is entirely up to you how it goes!



Features include:

-40 difficulty levels
-2 unique locations
-A wide variety of creatures
-12 different types of towers and buildings
-An in-game store where different improvements can be bought
-Entertaining and dynamic gameplay

Game details
Release Date
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130 MB

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