Mahjongus: Mystery Of Fortescue

Solve mahjong puzzles to uncover Fortescue's secrets with Mahjongus: Mystery Of Fortescue

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey unlike any other in 'Mahjongus: Mystery of Fortescue.' A mission will be undertaken by Victor Graves, a renowned runic sorcerer and alumnus of the elite Academy of Magic, to uncover secrets concealed within the Academy's ancient halls.

Upon arrival, a disturbing sight will be encountered: the once-vibrant halls of the Academy have been veiled in darkness, blocked by a malevolent crystal humming with strange energy. This crystal is devouring magic and threatening the school's very survival. The puzzle surrounding the crystal and the danger it poses must be solved by playing standard mahjong and hidden object levels together.



  • 150 Mahjong levels to be completed!
  • 14 additional HOGs to be tackled!
  • Stunning graphics and engaging music!
  • An intriguing narrative with unexpected twists!
  • The Academy must be protected from the impending threat!
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