Living Legends: Beasts of Bremen Collector’s Edition

Bremen is being overtaken by a dense fog!
Furthermore, the melody is crucial in Living Legends: Bremen's Beasts in CE

Experience a fresh take on a timeless story in the most recent Living Legends game! It's official your sister will be performing at Bremen's renowned music festival! But your delight is short-lived when a thick fog envelopes the town and your sister goes gone! And on top of everything, someone is turning people into animals! Can you save the city and discover the evil magic at work? Play this amazing hidden-object puzzle adventure game to find out! The additional chapter allows you to assist a foolish prince in discovering a magical water source.





- Gather a ton of morphing objects and paper dolls.

- Accumulate enjoyable achievements while playing.
- Get concept art, screen savers, wallpapers, and more.
- Practice solving hidden-object puzzles and minigames until you become an expert.

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