Jewel Quest: Heritage

The Jewel Quest Chronicles Go On with Jewel Quest: Heritage!

As any other day, it started out. Before federal agents barged through the museum's doors to seize its most valuable item, Rupert Pack was working smoothly through the morning at his museum. The Golden Jewel Board is taken in a matter of minutes, and Rupert receives yet another setback: the Board is on its way to the villainous Sebastian Grenard, who has declared it to be a family relic! To find out the truth now, Rupert has to look into long-kept family secrets. Join Rupert as he explores the temples and castles associated with the legend of Hernan Cortes. Exchange jewels and gather puzzle pieces to piece together a confusing family tree. Every level has unexpected surprises with over 170 different Jewel Boards, including three jewel-swapping modes.

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