Jewel Match Origins 3: Camelot Castle Collector’s Edition

The latest Jewel Match game offers a royal adventure in Jewel Match Origins 3: Camelot Castle Collector's Edition

The latest instalment in the dazzling Jewel Match series will whisk you away on a regal adventure! By solving match-3 puzzles, the legendary Camelot Castle will be constructed and designed, revealing your hidden talents as an architect. The magical power of gems will be utilized to unlock new features of the castle, transforming it from a humble foundation into a grand fortress fit for royalty. Vast levels teeming with hidden gems await exploration. Additional resources can be earned by engaging in bonus mini-games filled with puzzles and hidden object sequences. A plethora of items in the store can be perused for enhancing your journey. Set forth on a thrilling Match-3 quest like no other. Will your ingenuity shape the most magnificent castle ever seen in the realm? The journey awaits, noble puzzler!


Collector's Edition Features

  • Explore 200 expansive levels brimming with challenges!
  • Delve into 40 extra stages showcasing new aspects of gameplay!
  • Choose from three distinct game modes: Limited Moves, Relaxed, and Timed!
  • Personalize your experience with three difficulty settings: Normal, Advanced, and Extreme.
  • Design and decorate a splendid fortress, complete with arranged rooms.
  • Enhance your gameplay by purchasing powerful boosts and upgrades from the in-game store.
  • Enjoy engaging 'find the difference' challenges and intriguing mini-games that can be replayed.
  • Unlock breathtaking desktop wallpapers.
  • Immerse yourself in a soothing soundtrack.
  • Prepare to embark on a majestic Match-3 journey where every gem brings you closer to constructing the most magnificent castle of all time!
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