Incredible Dracula: The Last Call Collector’s Edition

Dracula is on a wild goose chase!

Dracula is on a wild goose chase to find out who is zombifying the public via their cell phones! Just as the renowned count is settling into his new job as a family man, a mysterious pandemic sweeps the region - people all around are falling victim to a weird spell conveyed via their phones! As Dracula looks for the villain responsible for this heinous crime, players must restore ravaged towns, gather resources for difficult jobs, and face incredible barriers before time runs out. Players that make effective use of their perks have the potential to earn dozens of unique awards!The Incredible Dracula II: The Last Call Collector's Edition includes enough bonus content to fill a dozen coffins! Along with 15 new levels, gamers will receive a step-by-step strategy guide, desktop wallpapers, a downloadable soundtrack, collectible stickers, concept art, and recipes for Mummy Dogs, Green Grog, and other terrifying stuff that they can really create and enjoy! There are even a few secrets to discover for those looking for an extra challenge. Incredible Dracula II: The Last Call Collector's Edition will captivate players for hours on end with dozens of thrilling levels, ghoulishly fantastic visuals, and a hilarious family-friendly storyline. Will you respond to the call of adventure?Features:- Exciting bonus chapter- Tons of Collector's Edition extras- Play-as-you-learn tutorial- Original soundtrack

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