Incredible Dracula 9: Legacy of the Valkyries Collector’s Edition

In Incredible Dracula 9: Legacy of the Valkyries CE, gather your zombies and go out on a journey.

A mythic monster stands between Dracula and the Valkyries' famous fortune, but the cantankerous count will not be discouraged from embarking on a mission that will take him through fantastical lands and pit him against mythical animals in order to claim his treasure! Download and play this epic adventure right now to take advantage of the Valkyries' treasures before your opponents!



Collector's Edition Features:


- 15 bonus levels

- Downloadable soundtrack

- Dazzling desktop wallpapers

- Step-by-step game guide

- Collectable gnomes

- Relaxed, Novice, and Expert game modes

- Dozens of achievements to earn

- A learn-as-you-play tutorial

- Simple point-and-click gameplay

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