Immortal Love: Polar Lights CE

Save the Shining World from annihilation with Immortal Love: Polar Lights Collector's Edition.

The Midgard Fair is where you'll be headed! An exceptional opportunity awaits for money to be generated by you through the sale of items for your forthcoming wedding. However, your preparations are swiftly interrupted as Loki, the God of Mischief, mistakenly transforms your fiancé into a wolf! Yet, it's not merely your future that is jeopardized. The Shining World, both gods and people, faces a determined threat bent on annihilation. Can the Ragnarök prophecy be thwarted in time? Delve into this captivating Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure to find out!



  • Embark on the quest for the Wellspring of Wisdom!
  • Aid in breaking Loki's curse and restoring Astrid's memory!
  • Discover assorted animals to collect and alterations to effect in each scenario! Additional puzzles await in the extras!
  • Immerse yourself in game-related art, screensavers, movies, and music! Ensure to reserve one of each for later!
  • Never lose your way with the aid of the strategy guide!
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