Heroic Adventures Super Pack II

This Christmas season, savor another brand-new Super Pack filled with six exciting adventures!

This Christmas season, savour another brand-new Super Pack filled with six exciting adventures! Accompany the Viking Brothers in rebuilding a war-torn realm, employ formidable sorcery to safeguard the Moai and their priceless isle, manipulate the weather to ascertain the fate of a future queen and much more! In addition to that, The six games listed below are part of this Super Pack!



Collector's Edition of Moai 5: New Generation

You have access to strong magic as you get ready for a ceremony that will save your island home! As the youthful twins Hika-Ri and Kao-Ri part ways, accompany them on a journey that will end in an experience of a lifetime. By using your mouse to draw elemental signs on your screen, you can also unleash the power of nature.



Three Claws and Feathers


In this brand-new puzzle adventure, the birds and cats are back and will be travelling the cosmos in search of a new home! After their home planet is devastated by a zombie apocalypse, the birds take to a spaceship and head toward the stars. They're not alone, though! The cats, their enduring adversaries, surreptitiously boarded and will stop at nothing to make the trip uncomfortable!



Team Seven Rescue

Mother Nature has a new opponent! The Rescue Team is there to save the day when thunder breaks the sky, volcanoes roar, and the Earth trembles. Lead this skilled team of thrill-seekers who have a humanitarian heart as they search amid the debris of one horrific sight after another to rescue victims and reconstruct towns.



Viking Brothers 2

According to history, the Vikings once governed the entire world. But according to folklore, it once just took the two of them to save it! Come along with the Viking brothers Everand and Boromere as they embark on a brand-new, hilarious journey to make amends, do good deeds, and keep their tankards full of ale!



Mosaic: The Second Game of Gods

Save the Goddess of Creation from the clutches of Darkness by venturing into a magical and amazing realm. You will be challenged at every turn to piece together a vibrant, hand-drawn scene. Mosaic: Game of Gods 2, with its breathtakingly gorgeous artwork, 150 riddles, and a touching tale of love and forgiveness, will enthral you for many hours!



Climate King: Completion

As you decide on a future queen's fate, control the elements! As King Victor and Queen Victoria get ready to hand the throne down to their daughter Jenny, the Weather Lord's legacy lives on. But Jenny needs to get the hang of things before she can govern! The day arrives when pirates take the golden egg belonging to the Great Dragon. Before the beast lets out the full force of her anger, assist Jenny and her tutor in saving the day!

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