Helga the Viking Warrior 3: Asgardian War

Come along with Helga on her next journey into the world of the Norse gods!

After years of fiercely defending her people, the legendary warrior Helga ultimately finds herself in an unwinnable conflict. After losing the fight, she makes her way across the Bifrost to meet Valhalla and wait for the conclusion of the Ragnarok conflict. However, Helga discovers that monsters are assaulting Asgard and that the route to Valhalla has been damaged. Helga promises to aid Odin, Thor, and the other gods in fending off the assault as she gets ready for the biggest fight she has ever encountered. A fighter never truly dies they always face new obstacles.





- Go through the domains of the gods in 5 chapters.
- Test your abilities with entertaining match-3 puzzles.

- Track Helga's battles alongside the gods in the narrative.

- Assist Thor, Odin, and Helga in defending Asgard.

- Anticipate intriguing personalities and surprising turns.

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