Halloween – Trick or Treat 2

Join Mike and Emma for an amazing Trick or Treat experience!

This year, Springfield is having a Haunted Hotel, a Spooky Museum, a Costume Parade, Dracula's Castle in the mall, and of course, Trick or Treating at the Church. Emma and Mike will first purchase and carve their pumpkins, after which they will visit all the town's exciting events and dress up as witches and pirates for trick-or-treating. They'll eventually take many treats and probably a trick or two before retiring to their homes. Naturally, they will have to count their goodies, and then, alas, it will be time for bed. There are a ton of puzzles and amazing hidden object scenes in Halloween: Trick or Treat 2, appealing to players of all ages. Hours of eerie Halloween fun and enjoyment are assured...





-Amazing gameplay and graphics

-Amazing mini-puzzles and scenes from HOG

-Very creative plot and elements

-Interactive user interface with rewards and replay

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