Halloween Stories: The Neglected Dead Collector’s Edition

The biggest shock of three hoax hunters' life is delivered!

We're proud to introduce the newest terrifying chapter in the always fun Halloween Stories series this Halloween! The Myth Debunkers travel the world debunking scary myths and stories for what they are: hoaxes! However, their confidence is called into question when several incidents in diverse parts of the world prove to be more genuine than they could have ever anticipated! What happens if the group makes it through these living nightmares, and can they survive? Get ready for an eerie and terrifying season with this exciting Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!





- Explore the Bonus Chapter to hunt down the fabled Mothman!

- Numerous puzzle pieces and collector cards to be found!

- Replay your preferred minigames and sequences to earn exclusive achievements!

- After the game is over, enjoy exclusive wallpaper, music, and more to carry on the season vibe!

- A plan of action to assist you in staying on course!

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