Halloween Stories: Horror Movie Collector’s Edition

It's Just a Film... Correct?
Savor the Collector's Edition of Halloween Stories: Horror Movie

Another terrifying story to add to the nightmare! Visit Halloween Stories: Horror Movie to learn more! The text reads: When Ellie and her three closest friends were drawn into a haunted horror film on Halloween night, no one took her word for it. However, the hellish tape has reappeared exactly two years later, and Ellie must now save her long-lost pals and make it through the actual ghosts, creeps, and slashers that lurk beneath the movie magic! Can you muster the courage to lead Ellie through three terrifying movies where peril lurks around every corner? There's just one way to learn the answer!





- Assist Detective Jessica Holmes in looking into odd activities that are occurring at the nearby high school.

- Look for eerie morphing items, puzzle pieces, and hidden figures.

- Go deeper into the Hidden Room!

- Replay your preferred minigames and HOPs to increase your accomplishment points!

- Recall the game's high points!

- Music, concept art, and backgrounds can be saved and enjoyed.

- Use the strategy guide to stay on course for your journey!

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