Golden Trails 3: The Guardian’s Creed

Unravel the mystery of the Templar Order!

Golden Trails 3: The Guardians Creed, a hidden object and puzzle game, is the third instalment in the popular Golden Trails series. An intriguing plot, awe-inspiring Templar mysteries, and a plethora of hard puzzles await. Are you ready to learn the Templar Order's secrets? The action takes place in late-nineteenth-century France. Golden Trails 3: The Guardians Creed begins with Jacques being knocked out on a Parisian street by a stranger. When he comes to a tavern, he notices a peculiar seal on his shoulder. Where does it originate? Who did it? Why? Join Jacques in his brave and full-of-perils quest as he strives to discover the mysteries of the seal. Scour different locations, cross Europe from Paris to the Vatican, explore ancient texts of the monks, and solve tough puzzles in search of the truth. Help Jacques resurrect the Order of the Templars and preserve its beliefs as you uncover hidden treasures and solve ancient riddles. Track the riches and solve the puzzles of the past in Golden Trails 3: The Guardians Creed!





- Travel over Europe to unravel the puzzles of the Templar Order!

- Five intriguing episodes with more than 30 locales to explore!

- Engaging in mini-games and inventory-based puzzles!

- Adventure and Unlimited game modes!

- Beautiful hand-drawn visuals!

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