Gnomes Garden – Halloween

Assist the princess in breaking the spell and locating her absent uncle!

Once upon a time, on an ordinary day, the princess got an enigmatic letter from a distant relative living in a realm far from the gnome country. It stated that her uncle Vlad had vanished without a trace (and maybe died), and that the princess had been summoned to his castle to bear witness to his final will and testament. She mentally ran over all of her family, but she couldn't think of any Uncle Vlads. She went off to the castle, her curiosity stirred, but her definite mindset was quickly replaced by anxiety - would she meet him there alive and well, or would she be paying tribute to his memory? Vampires, werewolves, and zombies require your assistance! Enter a whole new world of adventure with the princess and her friends! Gnomes Garden: Halloween, an exciting causal fantasy strategy game, promises mysterious, magical people and incomprehensible situations. Tons of diverse objectives, over 40 levels, a compelling plot, simple and exciting gameplay, and a distinct new universe are all waiting for you to discover right now. Grow pumpkins, frighten off otherworldly spirits, and manage resources and construction projects. Simple gameplay and an easy-to-follow tutorial allow you to jump right into the action. And don't forget about the princess's amazing powers if things get too difficult!





- Beautiful trophies

- Over 40 distinct levels

- One-of-a-kind opponents such as cave trolls, ice sleepers, and... Krakens

- 4 beautiful locations: woodland, snow-capped mountain, marsh, and desert

- Useful bonuses: faster work, time stops, and improved run speed

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