Gaslamp Cases 9: The Ghost of Automaton City

Victorian brilliance meets the supernatural in a maze of intriguing riddles with Gaslamp Cases 9: The Ghost of Automaton City

Nestled at the heart of innovation, Automaton City stands as a testament to Victorian ingenuity. This marvel of mechanical wonder thrives on the relentless efforts of automatons, who tirelessly shape the future amidst whispers of supernatural occurrences. The city, a delicate blend of technology and the ethereal, gracefully intertwines the realms of the mechanical and the magical. However, a dark shadow looms over this once-vibrant metropolis. Ghostly apparitions now roam the streets, striking fear into the hearts of its inhabitants and disrupting the fragile balance between human and machine.

As the eerie whispers of Automaton City grow louder, Morgan Johnson and Jack Brown find themselves ensnared in a web of intrigue. Their investigation leads them deep into the city's mysterious past and uncertain present. They must navigate through the labyrinthine streets, facing both spectral terrors and technological marvels, as rising tensions threaten to unravel the very fabric of reality.



  • A gripping tale of mystery and suspense awaits in Automaton City, where the realms of superstition and science converge.
  • Engaging match-3 puzzles will be solved to uncover clues and unlock new areas.
  • 20 exclusive upgrades, encompassing advanced technologies and enigmatic artifacts, are to be discovered.
  • Accompany Morgan and Jack as they traverse the enigmatic streets and encounter a host of intriguing characters.
  • The vast expanse of Automaton City invites exploration to unravel the truth behind its spectral inhabitants.
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