Garden for Glory Collector’s Edition

Help Gloria navigate challenges and build a thriving garden with Garden for Glory Collector's Edition

Join Gloria as she surpasses her family's expectations by transforming a barren plot into a vibrant, flourishing garden. A legacy and a challenge of rivalry lie in wait on this once-empty land. Gloria's efforts are watched by Aunt Malina and her children, Steve and Elvira, as they dig into the potential of her endeavors.

Through engaging Match 3 levels and smart investments, Gloria's garden will flourish, bringing her closer to the coveted top spot in the Garden Reviewer rankings. This is a tale of growth and transformation—of gardens blooming and a woman’s determination to shape her destiny.



  • 60 additional Match 3 levels are included for extended gameplay.
  • Up to three more land plots can be purchased to expand the garden.
  • Unique items and special guests are available to enhance your yard.
  • Beautiful backgrounds are provided to enrich the game’s visual experience.
  • Additional narratives deepen the story and character development.
  • Extra minigames add variety and additional challenges.
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