3D Fishing

3D fishing activities at two lakes

Arcade Fishing enables you to explore 8 visually amazing fishing sites from all around the world in realistic 3D graphics. You will be able to catch 9 beautifully realistic varieties of fish such as carp, pike, and trout by mastering thrilling mini-games, selecting the appropriate bait, and some serious skills (and a little luck). You'll gradually get access to more types of bait, allowing you to catch bigger and bigger fish. Stronger rods and better hooks enable you to catch even the largest fish. Feel free to continue exploring the wide regions for pure fun. Every fish you capture is money in the bank, and in the shop, you can buy better gear and new bait for your fishing master. The largest catch of all is waiting around the corner once your angler is adequately trained and equipped with the best gear. Excellent fishing!





- 2 unlockable lakes

- 4 unlockable fishing spots per lake

- 3 unlockable fishing rods

- 3 unlockable hooks

- 7 unlockable baits

- 9 unlockable fish

- 3 unlockable anglers (2 male, 1 female)

- 3 player profiles

- Various challenges

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