Fear For Sale: The Dusk Wanderer Collector’s Edition

After forty years, what mysteries lie in the rural areas of Europe?

Appreciate the most recent release in the Fear For Sale series! Forty years have passed since a young couple vanished in a rural area of Europe. The missing woman was last seen at her childhood home, appearing to have aged by just a day, after the case went cold. A routine investigation soon takes a sinister turn as evil spirits attempt to obstruct you. Will you be able to solve the couple's riddle or will you become entangled in a web of lies and mystery? In this exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure, find out!





- Go back to the Carmer estate in the extra chapter. Find hidden collectables by searching various locales. Examine the valuable strategy advice.
- Put your abilities to the test with difficult tasks.
- Appreciate concept art, music, wallpapers, and more!

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