Fatal Evidence: The Cursed Island Collector’s Edition

As seen in Fatal Evidence: Cursed Island Collector's Edition, the truth cannot remain hidden forever.

Enjoy a brand-new thriller series with a twist of suspense in Dead Evidence: The Cursed Island! You've been called to your sister's old mentor's secluded island home to look into the murder of your sister! You make it in time for the will reading with your sister. However, this routine dinner rapidly takes a frightening turn when the murderer is trapped inside with everyone and a masked judge demands their surrender! Before it's too late, it's up to you to identify the murderer and prevent the judge from carrying out their evil schemes! Are you up for the challenge? In this exciting Hidden-Object Puzzle journey, find out!





- As your husband's reputation and safety are at stake due to the death of his cherished colleague, your legal knowledge is put to the test! - - Play and re-play increasingly difficult mini-games and hidden-object puzzles as you collect photos and evidence to solve the crimes and unlock achievements!

- Download original concept art, wallpapers, soundtracks, and videos here!
- Use the handy Strategy Guide to always know what to do next!

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