Farm Valley Merge

Merge crops and animals, then expand the farm to reach new levels of success in this thrilling match-3 merge game.

Farm Merge Valley is enjoyed as a casual farming game where various animals and objects are merged to upgrade them. Crops are grown and animals added to the farm, all while expanding into exciting new lands. The peaceful farm life of dreams is discovered while reaping rewards from various challenges.

How to Play

The farm is grown by merging. The perfect farm life for friendly neighbors and animals is built. Then crops are merged to reach new types of produce. Various animals, crops, and materials are created to produce goods and repair buildings.

Level Up Your Experience

Experience points are gained by continuing to merge, which increases your level. New items and rewards are unlocked with each level up, aiding in game progression. More game features and areas to expand the farm are introduced with each new level.

Fulfill Orders to Earn Money

Animal output is used to manufacture goods, which are then sold for money. Currency earned is used to purchase new areas of land, growing the farm to new heights. New buildings are renovated, expanding production and delivering greater monetary rewards.


  • Crops and animals are merged to create more valuable items.
  • Various tasks are completed, reaping rewards from your labor.
  • New lands are expanded into as progress is made.
  • A beautiful, self-sustaining farm life is built.
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