Emergency Crew – Volcano Eruption: Collector’s Edition

Help people get away from a volcano!
Volcano Eruption: Emergency Crew Collector's Edition

There was an earthquake in Coastland! The Emergency Crew of Stephen Shepard immediately went to the aid of individuals. The group started their work on the shore and moved right away to the city center, where the earthquake had caused buildings to collapse and trapped individuals beneath the debris. Once they have left the city, the heroes discover that the problem is far worse than they had anticipated: a volcano is erupting and the forests are on fire. They now must rescue everyone from the danger area! Go out on a risk-taking rescue mission! Recall that time is money. Preserve victims from an untimely end!





- Assist the rescue crew in handling the situation!

- Stunning gaming for players of all ages.

- Simple to learn, growing in complexity.

- Deal with a variety of disasters and mishaps

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