Emergency Crew 3 Perfect Getaway CE

Stop the effects of natural calamities on humans!

At last, our heroes are luxuriating in a tropical paradise vacation! Sadly, a big earthquake stops them before they can even start their journey, turning a far-off vacation attraction into a far-off devastation zone. Once again, Stephen Shepard is in command of an emergency crew, providing assistance to people within an hour and outlining the circumstances. They will take this path together, from the airport to the snow-covered mountains, helping those in need along the way. The heroes won't give up on saving everyone until the very end, regardless of the difficulties. Who knows, maybe after all, they'll still be able to enjoy themselves while on vacation.





- Natural calamities include floods, fires, and earthquakes. A professional squad consists of firefighters, paramedics, police officers, rangers, and rescuers!

- Helicopters, ambulances, and other specialized vehicles.
- A thoughtful plot, colorful comics, and unique characters! Production systems capable of producing extremely complex resources! Five places for the rescue operation are prepared to meet you: an airport, a popular tourist destination, an amusement park, an untamed jungle, and snow-capped mountains.
- A range of varied jobs.
- 50 different levels.
- Themed, pleasant music.

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