Elven Rivers 5 – Undersea Collector’s Edition

It's time to reclaim lands from the threat of the rising seas with Elven Rivers 5 - Undersea Collector's Edition

Celene, the young elven scout, is discovered by them, though adventures are not actively sought by her. This time, she finds herself confronted by a hazardous flood, threatening to engulf the eastern marshlands.  Faintly, in the distance, a horn is blown, and massive tides rise as if in response. Nature's fury is unleashed, as calm and languid rivers morph into raging torrents, ready to obliterate anything in their path! Ordinary dwellings, bridges, and even sturdy dams stand little chance against the onslaught of the deluge. Yet, there exists the possibility that the dams were deliberately targeted to weaken them. Indeed, a minuscule, imperceptible shadow has been observed skulking about the construction site; nefarious intentions undoubtedly lurk within!



  • Immerse yourself in a thrilling fantasy narrative where enormous tides must be endured!
  • Discover an unexpected ally and embark on a journey of investigation and exceptional craftsmanship!
  • Choose from various game modes, ranging from a tranquil story-driven experience to a frantic race against time.
  • Uncover collectibles and earn achievements.
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