Elven Legend 8: The Wicked Gears – Collector’s Edition

Assist a young elf princess and her faun companion in their battle against the disobedient gremlins.

In order to foil the rebels' plan to animate every mechanism in every world and turn it against the living, the Gremlins beg for assistance. This challenge is accepted by Princess Sonja and her faun friend Napej. In this thrilling time-management game set in a fantasy world, players will aid a young elven princess and her faun friend as they attempt to stop rebellious gremlins from starting a mechanism revolt.





- A blend of the top strategy and time-management games

- A fantastical and fantastic atmosphere

- Multiple bonuses, sorcery, and crafting to add variety to the gameplay

- Difficult bosses: each one needs a customized strategy to handle

- A challenging game with a variety of objectives and an interactive setting.

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350 MB

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