Dwarven craft – Mountain Brothers

Assist Corey in locating the Mountain Brothers, the renowned Dwarven artisans of the Northern Ridge

Cunning dwarf Corey set out to track down the well-known artisans of the Northern Ridge with the intention of mastering their crafts! Accompany him on this exciting journey as he meets new people, explores intriguing locales, and looks for the Mountain's Heart! Enjoyable music, a captivating story, and 150 vibrant nonogram puzzles with different levels of difficulty will help you kill time and pass the time! One of the best ways to challenge yourself is with puzzles! Reach new levels, figure out puzzles, and help the dwarves explore and fix the ancient corridors of the Mountain Kingdom!





- 150 vibrant and captivating levels!
- Impressive visual effects!
- Discover the wonders of the Mountain Kingdom!
- Discover the Mountain's Heart!
- Excitement-filled adventure!
- Beautiful settings and vibrant hues!
- Develop more abstract and logical reasoning!
- An easy-to-use UI and captivating gameplay!

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