Dr. Cares – Pet Rescue 911 Platinum Edition

Become a licensed veterinarian while taking care of cute animals and pets!

Are you capable of managing a veterinary clinic? Why not research it? In this exciting new time management game, look after cute dogs and other creatures! Within the Dr. Takes - Pet Rescue 911 Platinum Edition, you'll have the opportunity to train as a licensed veterinarian. Taking care of cute animals in thirty challenge levels and sixty story levels sounds good, right? In six fluffy chapters, you'll perform unique treatments and even have the option to upgrade your clinic! But this Dr. Cares, who is she? Allow me to present you! Vet graduate Amy Cares chooses to leave her grandfather's veterinary clinic in order to pursue a position at a famous clinic in New York. Amy Cares was raised to care for pets and other animals. It appears to be a fantastic location to assist animals and truly change things. But will she be able to hold on to her convictions and withstand all the distractions the large city has to offer? The makers of the Delicious and Heart's Medicine series hope you enjoy their time management game about pet rescue!





- RUN PET CLINICS as you take on a ton of time management tasks across 60 wonderful story levels, and 30 extra challenge stages
- HELP AND RESCUE ANIMALS and perform all kinds of treatments in 18 different mini-games
- ENJOY A LIGHT-HEARTED DRAMA about friendship, love, and discovering your true self
- MEET A WONDERFUL CAST of quirky characters who will quickly grow on you
- EARN UPGRADES FOR YOUR CLINICS, collect trophies to unlock memories from Amy's memories box, and unlock all the diamonds to collect Newton's toys

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