Dark Romance: Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Paris is under attack!
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Collector's Edition of Dark Romance

Enjoy this exciting new chapter in the Dark Romance series! The dangerous villain Quasimodo is now at large! The Cardinal has entrusted you with his arrest while he goes after the stunning dancer Esmeralda, according to rumors. However, this story is more complex than it first appears. To save the city before it's too late, you and Esmeralda must cooperate and discover who is using magic. Are you up to the task?





- Your mother and you face certain death as a result of a formidable foe knowing your true ancestry!
- Relive your most beloved Hot Passes and Mini-Games,
- attain Achievements,
- consult your Tarot Cards, and exchange your golden rings for outfits to adorn your Boudoir!
- Get creative concepts, music, artwork, and wallpapers by downloading them!
- The Strategy Guide can assist you during the process!

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