Crossroads: What Was Lost

Can you navigate three terrifying stories and find a new path with Crossroads: What Was Lost

In Crossroads: What Was Lost, your beloved cosmic counselor, now a bartender, returns.

WARNING: Scary psychological moments in this horror game could be upsetting. It is not for the faint-hearted.

Eden, struggling to understand herself after a tragedy, is encountered by Crossroads and bartender Mistress Eve just in time. These three spine-tingling fables, ideal for guiding Eden due to their shared love of fairy tales and folklore, must be approached with caution. Every decision made at Crossroads impacts not only you but every character encountered. Will Mistress Eve’s lessons be learned, or will these stories turn tragic? Discover in this spooky and thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle game.



  • Original artwork brings three terrifying stories to life.
  • Decisions impact the outcome of each story.
  • Enjoy numerous scenes with hidden objects.
  • Includes puzzles, minigames, and more.
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