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One fantastic price, two captivating games!

The Cradle of Rome Construct Rome's heart and rise to the position of Emperor! One of the most exquisite and potent capital cities in antiquity was this fabled city. You can now return with all of its masterpieces! Your gallant gladiators will have a great training academy in the Coliseum! Good fortune awaits you in the Pantheon, the Temple of the Roman Gods! In this fun puzzle game, you get to explore the magnificent realm of Caesar.


The Nest of Persia Create the enigmatic centre of ancient Persia in this captivating puzzle game! The magnificent gardens and magnificent architecture of the former Achaemenid Empire capital have long since disappeared into the shifting sands. It was embellished with priceless metals, jewels, and stone carvings. As you journey through the country of 1001 nights, you now have the opportunity to discover the mysteries of these ruins. Here in the Cradle of Persia, unravel a mystery that has never been revealed to humanity.

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