Corto Maltese – Secret of Venice

Let's travel in Corto Maltese's footsteps!

Let's travel in Corto Maltese's footsteps! Fight against a poison that ravages you, dodge gunshots and explosions, face the unknown, and eventually open the doors of knowledge along Venice's canals and tight alleys. With over 5 million hard copies sold worldwide, Hugo Pratt, the master of graphic novels, developed the main character, Corto Maltese, in a universe of thrilling quests driven by point-and-click riddle gaming. While looking for an amazing emerald, you might discover a wonderful equilibrium and, at last, utopia.





- For the first time in a video game, an up-close encounter with one of the most endearing characters in visual literature the legendary Corto Maltese

- An original story with both well-known characters from Corto Maltese's comic books and brand-new ones

- Stunning artwork combining: original settings based upon sceneries and places in Venice, cutscenes using Marco d'Anna's amazing photography work, and animated comic strips from Corto Maltese's adventures all over the world

- A mysterious compass and a gazette full of stories and hints will help you throughout the adventure
- There are two difficulty levels for the riddles: easy and hard...

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