Clutter Puzzle Magazine Vol. 16 No. 2 CE

Over 1800 puzzles in the toughest Clutter ever for days of fun with Clutter Puzzle Magazine Vol 16 #2 Collector's Edition

This Quest will be made unforgettable by the plethora of new Clutter varieties mixed in with classic favorites. Of great pleasure is the significantly improved Spot The Differences Puzzles. A new version of Clutter Gaps Puzzles has also been introduced. They are equally as addictive as standard Clutter levels. Furthermore, Sliders, Square Jigsaws, and Box Quotes are included.

Just wait until the Abstract Squares and Circle Puzzles are revealed. Clutter has never been witnessed as this entertaining or challenging before. And, as always, the options afford you the ability to play Clutter however you desire. Favorites enable the saving of puzzles you wish to revisit time and again.



  • New Object Sets and Numerous New Gameplay Modes have been added.
  • Over 1800 levels are available, including a very tough 100-level main quest.
  • The Spot The Difference Puzzle has been significantly updated and made more addictive.
  • Hundreds of photo puzzles, along with 200 new Box Quotes problems, await.
  • Another excellent soundtrack with a cinematic feel is provided.


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