City of Stories: Stephan’s Journey Collector’s Edition

Help young Stephan save his farm while exploring the big city in City of Stories: Stephan's Journey Collector's Edition

In the Tudor era, a young man named Stephan resided on a small family farm nestled in rural England. The family was burdened by a series of unfortunate harvests, leaving them in financial turmoil, with bills and taxes accumulating to a dangerous extent. Faced with these challenges, Stephan was compelled to make a heart-wrenching decision. He had to leave his beloved family behind and move to the bustling city. There, he hoped to carve out a career, establish a name for himself, and earn enough money to rescue his family's farm from ruin.

Stephan's story is told chapter by chapter, and the power to shape his destiny rests in your hands. Every decision you make influences the path he takes, but beware: not everyone he encounters in the city will have his best interests at heart. Fortunately, you are given the opportunity to revisit earlier chapters and alter the course of events, offering the chance to explore different routes and outcomes. Will Stephan find himself as a security guard, dockhand, salesperson, or in an entirely different role? In this captivating new narrative-driven Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game, you will experience the excitement and trepidation of a young man stepping into a vast, unfamiliar world. Alongside this, the urgent task of saving the family farm and accumulating enough money for vital upgrades awaits.


Collector's Edition Features:

  • A Bonus Chapter that follows the adventures of an orphan.
  • A strategy guide to help craft the best possible narrative.
  • Endless enjoyment of Match-3 gameplay by replaying your favorite mini-games.
  • Discover valuable cards and collect coins to enhance and upgrade the farmhouse.
  • Delight in unique concept art, music, films, and wallpapers to enrich your experience.
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