Chimeras: The Signs of Prophecy Collector’s Edition

It's the Wanderer's arrival!

During a solar eclipse, a dark shadow covers Munich, setting off a series of paranormal activities and horrifying killings. To solve the crimes, the police are at a loss and they need your assistance. However, there are rumours of a hidden organization and another, more sinister force at work. The destiny of the city is tied to a strange nomad, about whom a fortune teller warns. She says you will be the one to direct his steps. Decisions you make will have an impact! Will you bring it to ruin or will you bring it back from the dead? Discover this thrilling hidden-object puzzle journey!





- Play the extra game to find the person who killed a member of the secret society!

- Look for morphing items and tarot cards.

- Gather and exhibit changing chimaeras.

- Achieve unique accomplishments.

- Make use of the provided strategy guide.

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