Chimeras: Cherished Serpent Collector’s Edition

Every little community has mysteries.
Chimeras: Cherished Serpent Collector's Edition has extra information.

Enjoy the thrilling new installment in the Chimeras series, Chimeras: Cherished Serpent! The text reads: It's understandable that Serpent Hill's residents are always afraid given the eleven unexplained fatalities that have occurred there in only one month. Amber, the new sheriff, has no leads because the victims are the only witnesses in every case. Furthermore, many find it impossible to escape the feeling that someone is constantly observing them. It's up to you to investigate the case further and see what comes to light. How wonderful to begin a holiday! Could you assist Amber in completing the work that her late brother began and uncover the true nature of Serpent Hill? In this suspenseful Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure, you'll need to use your puzzle-solving abilities and keen intellect to discover the truth!





-  Explore a captivating new enigma of legendary proportions in the bonus game!

- Accomplish an array of exceptional feats!
- Discover an abundance of mementos, puzzle pieces, and changing items!

- Enjoy jigsaw puzzles, a secret area, exclusive wallpapers, a soundtrack, and concept art!

- Replayable mini-games and HOPs!

- Avoid getting lost by using the strategy guide!

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