Boxing fighter : Super punch

Prepare to rumble in Boxing Fighter: Super Punch.

In Boxing Fighter: Super Punch, players are thrust into a retro-themed boxing ring where countless challengers, including formidable bosses, await.

The objective is straightforward: fend off the onslaught of boxers advancing from both sides and aim to knock them out.

Mastery of various boxing techniques such as jabs, crosses, uppercuts, and direct punches is essential.

Special moves can be unlocked to amplify your power and increase your chances of victory.

If conventional punches aren't sufficient, players are encouraged to employ unconventional methods like headbutts, kicks, stealthy strikes, and even throwing chairs, bottles, or their trusty dog at adversaries.

This action-packed game pays homage to the classic pixelated games of the 80s and 90s, capturing the nostalgic essence of arcade boxing experiences.

Step into the role of a boxing hero, feel the electric energy of vintage gaming arcades, and prepare to rumble in Boxing Fighter: Super Punch.

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