Boxing Fighter : Shadow Battle

The ancient legend of the Yokai spirits is set to unfold

For enthusiasts of fighting games, boxing, mythology, and Japanese culture, this game is tailored for you.

The ancient legend of the Yokai spirits is set to unfold, with supernatural forces poised to dominate the world.

These Yokai—encompassing monsters, evil spirits, demons, and more—are determined to consume human souls.

As the last hope for humanity, players must fight against hordes of Yokai, shadow spirits, and ghostly apparitions.

Using punches, kicks, weapons, and special combos, every effort must be made to destroy these menacing entities.

The combat skills and fighting spirit of players will be put to the ultimate test as they battle through waves of shadow monsters.

With a unique universe to explore, the mission is clear: stop the Yokai before they annihilate humankind.

Yokai Battle Legends demands speed, power, and a relentless fighting spirit. Show no mercy and save the world

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