Bloom! A Bouquet for Everyone

Assist Jasmine with reviving her flower stores!

Jasmine made the decision to spread the beauty of flowers to everyone because she has always loved them. She started out with just one flower shop and quickly expanded to oversee stores all over the globe. Jasmine was well aware of what her clients required, be it Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, a bouquet of flowers to commemorate a momentous occasion, or simply to express sympathy.

But lately, her business was failing and her passion wained. Jasmine needs your assistance in order to resurrect her flower shops.

In the time management game Bloom!, players take on the role of Jasmine, who grows, harvests, gathers, and arranges flowers in her flower shops. Play more than 60 levels where you can design personalized bouquets and bring back Jasmine's enthusiasm for her company. Get tokens to improve your store, add staff, and witness the positive impact your flowers have on your client's life.
Will making people smile make Jasmine fall in love with flowers once more? Will her clients come back? Help her flower businesses resurrect and make a bouquet for each and every person.





- You may play 60 well-balanced stages!
- 47 different item upgrades that you should purchase!
- 17 clients with unique tales told through exquisite cutscenes!
Six flower shops spread over six distinct countries!

- Unique musical compositions influenced by French, American, and Japanese styles!

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