Black Gold Plumber

The oil reserves in Texas must be exploited in this puzzle game

In Black Gold Plumber, the chance to become an oil tycoon and the wealthiest individual on Earth is presented.

The oil reserves in Texas must be exploited in this puzzle game, designed to test your mental acuity.

This game is enjoyable for the entire family—recommended for everyone!

As you take command in the race to wealth, a challenge awaits: the pipes installed to bring the oil to the surface are in disrepair.

Your task is to repair these pipelines and create a clear path for the precious resource to emerge.

Through a hundred increasingly difficult levels, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills will be put to the test.

Each level will require you to maneuver the pipes to ensure the oil reaches its destination.

Prepare your mind and ascend to the status of the ultimate petroleum magnate.

Black Gold Plumber promises fun and engagement for players of all ages!

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