At the end Zombies Win

Face hordes of absurd zombies.

In the chaotic world of At the End Zombies Win, hordes of grotesque zombies must be confronted in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Reflexes, speed, and management skills will be put to the ultimate test to demonstrate that you will not succumb to becoming a zombie feast.

Although being the sole survivor of a zombie apocalypse is now a familiar trope, escape from the city and elimination of all zombies encountered will be essential for survival.

This arcade game features an arsenal of weapons to fend off an infinite swarm of zombies within a confined arena.

Evading capture by the undead for as long as possible while managing ammunition stocks will be critical.

The longer the survival, the more money can be earned to upgrade weaponry.

At the End Zombies Win promises a delightful and family-friendly experience filled with zombie-busting fun.

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